1 Stalk Ex-Girlfriends
Now, guys don’t literally STALK their ex’s, but you bet that every once in awhile, they will definitely check up to see what their old lady love has been doing recently. However, the more time away from her and the more time he spends with you, these special stalking circumstances will slowly recede into accidental and nonchalant encounters on their social media feeds.

2. He Obsesses Over Your Ex Too
When the two of you met, you probably went through all of the gory details about your past relationships. Even though he realizes your ex was a jerk and you’re completely over him, that doesn’t stop him from wondering. Even if your guy trusts you, he’s a man, and he knows how men operate, he’s still most likely just waiting for your ex to pop back into your life.
3. Watch Your Snapchat Stories
Yes, we do watch your Snapchat stories, but the reason behind this could vary depending on the type of guy you’re dating. Some will want to see you having fun, and some will want to see who you’re having fun with and if they’re a threat to their well being. The latter is a much more common trait that should probably be avoided at all costs; it is especially important to avoid if any other guy starts arguments no matter who they are.
4. Stalk Your Social Media
He will never admit to scrolling 84 weeks back into any of your social media, but it’s pretty easy to find out if he has been lurking on your social media profiles. If he brings up something from two years ago that you never told him, but coincidentally enough you posted it as a status update on your Facebook at one point, chances are that’s how he figured it out. Trust me, he isn’t psychic.

5. Hide Our Emotions
Whether it’s something that isn’t a big deal all the way to something earth shattering, guys will rarely show you their true emotions. It’s how our fathers, and our society, has taught us how we should live. If you think that your boyfriend is feeling some type of way, he probably is and just doesn’t want you to know about it.

6. Compare Ourselves
Most people are aware just how hard it is for a girl in today’s society to be barraged with all sorts of standards of beauty, but rarely does the subject of guys standards come up in conversation. If a guy isn’t posting sick pics or can’t figure out a way to take a selfie and look as pretty as Ashton Kutcher, they’ll get down on themselves just as much as anyone else.

7. He Thinks (Or Knows) You’re Too Good for Him
Although he may never express himself in the same way as you, it’s quite likely that you’re guy is completely head over heels in love with you. Guys deal with insecurities, too, and if you’re awesome, beautiful and intelligent to boot, you may cause a little bit of doubt to creep up in him. He’ll wonder how he got so lucky to snag a girl like you!
8. He Gets Nervous When You Don’t Text Back
Men also get paranoid when they don’t hear for you after awhile. Lets face it, women’s fingers are faster than a cheetahs when it comes to replying to your beloved’s text messages. Especially when you’re in a relationship, there’s no need to play games and make him wait for a reply. This is why when you let more than half an hour go by without sending him a message, he silently starts to freak out.

9. He Flirts Without You Knowing
As much as you want to believe your guy is a perfect angel when he’s not in your presence, he’s definitely doing some things behind your back that you may or may not be happy about. If he’s really in love with you, the flirting won’t go any further than that. He’s definitely not trying to hook up with other women, and he doesn’t plan on leaving you for the girl he winked at on his way to the post office. He comes home to you at the end of the day, and that’s how he wants it to be.

10. He Hates Your Guy Friends
He wants you to believe he’s perfectly fine with you having guy friends. It’s the right thing to do, right? Every time you mention going to play pool with “Chad and the boys” he sends you off with a hug and a kiss and tells you to have fun. But as soon as that door closes, he’s all up in his feelings. He wants to believe that your guy friends are strictly platonic, but he realizes how much of a complete babe you are, and he knows that at least one of your male friends just has to have a crush on you. He can’t help but feel insecure about you spending time with other men who may or may not find you attractive.

11. He Worries About Pleasing You
Even though you may think he’s the best you’ve ever had, your guy may be worried that he’s not pleasing you. No matter how many times you tell him how great he is in the bedroom, your guy may still feel insecure about his performance. He will wonder if your ex is better than he is, he will wonder if you’re faking it, and he will wonder if you will seek out someone else if he is unable to please you. These are all insecurities that he will have to work through on his own, but you can help him along but reassuring him that you are indeed satisfied with him, and there’s no one else you would rather be with.

12. Your Bestie is Hot
Sorry to break it to you, but your guy thinks your bestie is hot. We’re not just talking about, “Oh, she’s cute.” We’re talking about, “Wow, the things I would do to her.” But can you really blame him? Your best friend is gorgeous, and on top of that, she’s an amazing person with a good head on her shoulders. What man wouldn’t be attracted to her? Just know that he has eyes, and for the rest of his life he will use them to scope out any and all attractive women who come his way. But in the end, he has chosen to be with you, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
13. You Make Him Nervous
When a guy is really falling in love, he can’t help the emotions and feelings that are running rampant inside of him. Although he’s the epitome of cool, calm and collected when the two of you are together, he doesn’t want you to know that you scare him at times. He may wonder if you like him as much as he likes you, he may wonder what the future holds for the two of you, and he may contemplate taking your relationship to the next level. If you’ve noticed that your guy has been acting strange and a little distant lately, it could be because he’s a tad bit nervous about falling in love with you. Reassure him that you’re willing to take your relationship one day at a time, and that should really help him to keep his nervousness about your relationship at bay.