Ankara fabric is the latest touchup in fashion adorned for effect by all and sundry, including celebrities. It can go for office wear and different occasions, depending on the style chosen. The latest design mostly loved by the youth, especially ladies, is the off-shoulder top on jeans. Trending among guys also is dorning Ankara fabric on jeans.
Also trending are jumpsuits, Ankara jackets, owambe styles, skirt and blouse with different fabrics joined to style the Ankara using nets, beads and pendants to bring out a special style fit for different occasions.
 For the off-shoulder top, if loose, it is advisable to wear fitted jeans or shirt with it. If it is fitted, loose skirt or jeans will definitely be best- suited for the ensemble.

So, if you want to look trendy in the African/traditional way, the Ankara fabric can give you that signature look that is just for you. You can rock any occasion, depending on the colours and texture of your chosen fabric, and you will simply watch as everyone goes ‘waooohh’ as you approach.