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The reason why Lions Don't loose Sleep over the Opinions of Sheep :Gbojom

In the social medias and online and offline newspapers and magazines we have been been hearing this saying that


So here on gbojom blog I will explain to you better  why Lions Don't loose sleep over the Opinions of Sheep because

The life of a sheep is easier than that of a lion. Sheep freely give food and water by their shepherd, and they are shielded from predators by shelters they have not built. They fatten themselves on the shepherd's food, flourishing in a variety that outnumbers the lions. But these comforts tie the sheep to slavery. 
The sheep are bred to be weaker in mind and body, so much so that they can be free from physical chains but never stray. Theirs are a lifetime of serfdom one that is comfortable but finishes with the whim of the shepherd. 

There are no masters for the lions. Although the lion has to hunt for his own food and search for his own shelter, he's free to roam where he wants and required permission from no one ,  Although the sheep's feeding trough is filled, it's only with her master's choice of grass and grain. A lion has to hunt and chase his meals, but he feasts on whatever he catches. 

Wealth and achievement never reach those who are just waiting for them to arrive. 

Some people decide to be sheep. They want liberty, but they depend on others to offer their comforts, striving for wealth, but making little effort to achieve it. They cry out in protest when fenced in and herded upset that they are not safe like the lions but nevertheless accept the shepherd's food.  Although they rebel by day, night after night they always walk back to their cages. 

Only a fool thinks that for unequal effort, everyone deserves equal benefits.

Leaders must be steadfastly confident in choosing effort over recreation. The shepherds do not pay attention as human sheep boast of their slothful life of ease and criticize anyone who works to improve themselves. 

Shouting through a cage's bars, mockery is weak. 

Is it the stupidity of the lion that keeps it out of a leisure life? How can so many sheep be incorrect with the shepherd's food growing fatter? Why would any creature in the hazardous and uncertain wilderness choose to run free? Human beings are not conceived as sheep or lions, but they have to choose their own route.
 Are you going to fight for what's simple and secure? To follow near the crowd? To stay in the fences that safeguard you from outside, but to imprison you within its borders? Or are you going to travel the route you choose to explore freely in life's hazardous forests, leading your own way to a planet full of supporters? At sunset, the sheep are herded back into their prison and fed until they drift into sleep. The lion enjoys no such promises, wandering upon the mountains in search of a meal: hungry, but free. Though it lacks the comforts of a shepherd's security, a lion never wishes for the life of a sheep. A lion may hunger while a sheep is fed, but the fattest sheep is the lion's meal. 

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