10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Women are beautiful by default.NO 4 should have been my Number 1 one, But there are some countries which are known for their beautiful women. Ranking varies from person to person. 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Women in the World as per most common choice are :

5South Korea
1 - Venezuela


Venezuela has many Miss Universe and Miss World winners. The land is gifted with pretty faces. These beautiful women are hot with their long slim body and appealing faces.

2 - India


This multi racial and multi cultural land has prThis multi racial and multi cultural land has produced some of the prettiest female faces in the world. With their dusky complexion, feminine and modest etiquette and black shiny skin Indian women are considered most beautiful by many experts.

3 - Argentina


 Argentine ladies are beauty conscious paying much attention for skin and hair care and always try to look hot and bold. The women with their dusky and shiny skin remain close to fashion trends


Nigerian women are famed for there bootylious nature and fertility. Between the 1970s and 2017 Nigeria has tripped in population, making it Africa’s most populous nation. if you want a beautiful African woman who will give you lots of beautiful babies, then Nigerian is your destination. Also, if you are looking for a woman with the intention of taking the relationship to the next level, “A wife Material” a woman who can take a good care of you and the home. Then Nigerian ladies are the African beauty for that. They also have a distinction for kitchen related matters.

SOUTH KOREA_1494393821u60.jpg

These beautiful women have an innocent and cute faces with appealing personalities. Their fair and glowing skin, glossy black hair and supple and curvy body with medium heights make them extremely appealing. 

6 - France


French women are known for their outgoing attitude, energy equipped vibes and fashion statement. These beautiful blondes are sophisticated and have romantic personalities.

7 - Italy


The Italian girls with their olive tanned skin and brown hair look extremely pretty. These Mediterranean women have very nice sense that makes them even more gorgeous.

8 - UkraineUKRAINE_1494393822u90.jpg

Ukraine has some of the most bold and pretty women in the world. They are hot and cute at the same time. They resemble in look and attitude with Russian ladies.

9 - Brazil

Brazilian girls, both blondes and brunettes are famous for their sporty and attractive bodies with charming faces. Most of these beautiful women have medium complexion with shiny skins. Read also: Most beautiful sportswomen in world.

10- Serbia


Serbia presents perfect combination of Slavic and Mediterranean heredity. Girls are tall with good figure, stylishly dressed and appealing eyes. They have stunningly curvy figures and 99% have of them has a figure a beautiful movie actress would be jealous