The website www.viraltrend.org pays you to do the following social media tasks;
 A. Following their  advertisers or clients on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. They presently pay as much as N10 per one follow... wow!!!
B. They pay you to like their clients Photos, like in photo contests, Page posts, Facebook and Twitter likes.
C. They pay you to subscribe to their YouTube channels
D. They pay you to watch few seconds videos across all social media.

(NOTE: VIRALTREND get you tasks when their  clients or advertisers pay to adverise with them which are always available depending on how active you are on the site)

2. To Register:
visit their website below*www.viraltrend.org* or follow the referral url sent to you by your sponsor or upline. (Pls download MOZILLA FIREFOX or CHROM browsers  and Gmail. It's better). Pls choose *Promote and Earn* while registering.
Our website sends you a verification link to the email address that you just registered with. Login into your email and click on *verify email*

3.  Now login into our website and link all your social media accounts.  To link, first login into your social media accounts using only Firefox; Mozilla . E.g www.facebook.com, www.instagram.com, www.twitter.com and www.gmail.com. Then Login to our site and click *link* this should go smoothly.  Note to link YouTube simply login to your gmail account from www.gmail.com (gmail owns YouTube) using  same Firefox browser. More so to complete your Instagram tasks successfully make sure you download an Instagram app and kindly go to your phone settings and set your Instagram app to default to avoid shadow banning. Simply go to your phone SETTING👉🏾Apps👉🏾Instagram👉🏾Open By Default👉🏾Open Supported Links👉🏾Ask Everytime👉🏾Open In This App.
NOTE YOU CAN ALWAYS LEAVE ANY SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK YOU DON'T WANT TO LINK, THOUGH YOU WON'T BE SEEING TASKS FROM THAT PARTICULAR SOCIAL MEDIA FROM OUR DASHBOARD. You can also skip the linking and continue from your profile when you are done with your registration. *Note you must link only your active social media accounts with our platforms. Non active or dormant accounts are not accepted on our platform and when used on our platform can lead to us banning your account with us....*

👉🏾4. Click next, choose a plan: *Basic is N500* and *Premium is N1,500* which was usually N505 and Premium N2,505. Get approved You are good to go. You can now see social media tasks on your dashboard immediately, perform tasks and start earning.

Note while performing tasks, download and use only Mozilla Firefox to complete and don't close tab as our website will take you to the task, you perform it and within 20-40 seconds brings your back by itself to your dashboard and pay you immediately...

REFERRING COMMISSIONS & BONUSES ( *Referring is not a must but for those who want to make huge money*)
Apart from making money from social media tasks, referring has much more money. This is easy as registration fee is all affordable.

*BASIC* members earn 30% commission on direct referrals and get extra 5% bonus commission from their grand children... *PREMIUM* members earn 50% commission on direct referrals and get extra 10% bonus commission from their grand children... Plus grants as your network grows... and a fully loaded e-commerce store (loading new feature) Wow! Pls also note that grants is for those referring only... And referring here  isn't a must but make you huge money... *Note: When you refer advertisers (advertisers are those who need our services, like followers, likes, comments, retweets, those who want to win contests, etc,,,..) by using your referral url to register we give you a whole 30% or 20% of the profit we make from the deal depending on the plan you are registered on, everytime they create ads and pay, you also get paid for life, even when you are sleeping and in all we also pay you to shop from our sister platform @viraltrend.market... This is one of the reasons you should join VT, Because you earn while you shop and  bring in advertisers too for a lifetime earnings... wow!!!*

*Additionally,* members also get paid daily for making relevant posts and comments on the mentoring site and also earn as much as N15 naira per Facebook share . We also launched the Play and Win (Fun Play) feature on Viraltrend.org which enables members to *play and win up to N200,000.*

*And www.viraltrend.org is not a ponzi, or a get rich quick scheme... We are fully registered... So relax we aren't going anywhere*

Don't stand and look others are already making money... Turn your social media accounts and mobile phone to your bank accounts as we also pay you to shop online... Join now visit viraltrend.org and register.