Lawrence Annie - the most famous armed robber in Nigeria

Lawrence Nomagong Anini, known as "Law," was born in the Owoo neighborhood of Orobo Village, Orchinomun, about 30 km from Benin, the capital of Bendel, in 1960, the same year when Nigeria gained independence. The 26-year-old Thief King terrorized Benin and several other neighboring cities, and eradicated the chaos of civilians, police and banks and five gang members including his gun on Monday in Osunbo.

Lawrence Annie started as a taxi driver, then as a transport thief and king of drugs, until finally he became a famous robber who scared the backbone of the rich and the masses. Annie's main focus in her raid career is in the bank, robbing officials. During his trial, he alleged that he accused Deputy Chief of Staff George Iyamu of leading the murder of Deputy Inspector General Christopher Omouben, who was responsible for investigating Annie and his people. The murder was unsuccessful. Annie and her gang only killed the Omwenen Sargent driver, named Albert Othe, who was confused by Omumen. He was beheaded and thrown into the bush on the Benin-Agbor road.
                           Lawrence Annie | Photo: National mirror

Annie and her gang also killed a woman, Remi Sobango and Frank Unoarumi, who had previously worked for Nigerian Observer newspapers. On October 1, 1986, Annie attacked state police officer Casmir Igbokve, who was beaten and shot several times without mercy. Finally he suffered the attack with several injuries. In the same year, Mr. A.O. Emomee, a doctor based in Benin, died on the way to the Benin textile factory.

Some reports reveal Annie's tactics during the robbery. It was said that he would be careless and spray his shoes along the road so that people could carry him. As a result, the police who mistreated Annie would be disturbed by the assistants of those who tried to free themselves. Several other reports said that Laurence Annie and Osborn Monk threw money out of their generosity and because they knew that people really did it. has suffered. This won Annie's other nickname, governor.

Annie's popularity surpassed Ishola Oenoussi and other modern robbers in the 1970s. Annie's fame reached its peak in October 1986 when he attacked President Ibrahim Badamsi Babanidda's military junta. This incident prompted the angry president to ask the Inspector General of Police, Etim Inyang, a very popular question: "Friend, where is Annie?" When he did not get a clear answer, he quickly ordered Annie who was arrested and Monday, Osabbor and the others were arrested. However, this persecution did not prevent Annie from using state terror. This time, anime superstitions spread as forest fires throughout the country, especially among children. Some said he had been driving backwards from Lagos to Benin and at full speed in chasing police. Some also say that Annie is a ghost and cannot be caught by the police no matter how hard they try. But as the saying goes, "Every day belongs to a thief, and the owner has one day."

On Monday Osambo, assistant to Annie Photo: National Mirror

That was for Annie on December 3, 1986, when Nemesis followed her and her activities were terrible.

On December 3, 1986, Lawrence Annie was arrested by police under the leadership of police chief Cayodé Wanreroro in a house (No. 26, Oyemwosa, op., Iguodala pr., Sh., Benin), accompanied by her female friends. He was shot in his left leg while trying to escape. Then his leg was amputated at a military hospital. On Monday, Osumbor and other band members were detained by the police and tried. Annie and her team, including George Ijamu, a police officer accused of working for Annie, were sentenced to death by Judge James Omo-Aggee at the Supreme Court on his way to Sapelle, Benin City.

During the trial, George Iyami denied all charges of working with Annie against him, and instead of an angry Anini, who spoke almost no English, he called from behind his wheelchair: "You shameless liar, shameless nest."

When judging his decision, the judge said, "Annie will be remembered forever in the story of crime in this country, but it will have a memory of ungratefulness, if any, some people will name their children."

Lawrence Annie, Monday, Osambor and other suspects were shot dead on March 29, 1987.

That is the end of Lawrence Nomayangbon Annie's terror in Nigeria