Smoking weed: 'It's like a cup of coffee in reverse'

Musk raised eyebrows on social media after accepting what Rogan said was a joint of marijuana and tobacco and taking a puff. "I mean, it's legal, right?" he asked.
Marijuana is legal in California, where the interview took place, but Musk's phone later started buzzing. "I'm getting text messages from friends saying, 'What the hell are you doing smoking weed?'" he said.
Musk explained that he's "not a regular smoker of weed" because he "doesn't find it's very good for productivity."
elon musk joe rogan smoking
Musk told Rogan that he's not a regular weed smoker.

"It's like a cup of coffee in reverse," he added.
Musk already alarmed some Tesla investors by admitting in an emotional interview last month with The New York Times that he takes the prescription drug Ambien because he has difficulty sleeping.
He has denied was smoking weed when he sent his now infamous tweet on August 7 claiming he had secured funding to take Tesla private.

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