Fi verr can be rightfully said to be the world’s largest online marketplace offering $5 services such as writing, photography, design and what not. It is a marketplace which is naturally viral and has grown significantly since its launch. Fiver, since its launch, has grown exponentially and now boasts over 2,000,000 services with high rated seller offering services of up to $500. The newer buyers can always fall back to the $5 loss in case anything goes wrong and hence it’s a complete no lose situation. As a customer, you would love the fact that you can find someone and get them to do a desired task for $5, but some entrepreneurs are now weary due to the shady business services which are developing out of Fiverr.  This Fiverr Review aims to discover the pros and cons of this great virtual marketplace from the perspective of both the seller and the buyer.                                    
If you consider yourself in possession of a specialized skill such as photography, writing, voice overs, web design, art or anything else, there is probably an online market for your services. Many people dream of ditching their jobs so that they can work from home and do what they love each day, but can not seem to figure out how to start. Freelance sites, on top of which is Fiver, help freelancers build their recognitions as skilled sales person in their desired niche market.                                       
The freelancer of today has a number of freelance sites to choose from and many people have found to be quite useful and have found success on this online marketplace. However, it does not come without any drawbacks. Here we will see the pros and cons of this site to help you decide whether it is right for you or not.                                       
A very simple concept works behind Fiverr. Small jobs called ‘gigs’ are posted by people which they are willing to do for $5. It sounds quite small but in actuality it provides a platform from which one can grow. Buyers prefer Fiverr because they can get small tasks done in a small time period and that too cheaply; over time one can find dependable freelancers and the risk is quite small. Business growth can be experienced by sellers by initially offering their basic services for $5 and offering extras or upgrades for additional money.                                       
[divider]Pros of Fiverr[divider]                                       
The website design is clear and clean making it easy to navigate and use.                                       
The concept is easy and clear to understand.                                       
The community on Fiverr is fun with a supportive forum.                                       
You can make money doing something you actually like                                       
The biggest obvious advantage of Fiverr is that you can make some extra money doing something you enjoy. There are even some lucky people out there who made turned their part time Fiverr gigs in to a full time job. A recent story stated that a Fiverr seller was able to purchase a small house just from the money they had earned on Fiverr! It can be done, but requires work and dedication. You can however, always use Fiverr for extra money and why wouldn’t one like getting paid for a hobby.                                       
As basic jobs are offered at Fiverr for a set cost, they attract work of fairly decent quality. Other freelance sites which allow people to bid quite low on projects attract work which is often automated or plagiarized. Since the cost of the job is on a level playing field, the quality of work is also more level.                                       
The Fiverr website is easy to use and staff communication is conversational and friendly. For the mast, concerns of customer service are handled in a timely manner although from time to time things can get bogged down. The staff is quite friendly and they even follow up to ensure that the issue gets resolved.                                       
[divider]Cons of Fiverr[divider]                                       
A revenue sharing fee of 20% with Fiverr, which is quite big for hosting your services and other sites do it for less.  that’s a pretty big fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less                                       
There are limited withdrawal and payment options, and mostly relies on Paypal along with additional fees.                                       
The hold time on funds is of 14 days hold                                       
The sellers have limited control as the jobs are automatically accepted.                                       
One of the greatest drawback to Fiverr is that their level and rating system is highly automated and can be skewed easily by things which are outside the control of the seller. As the system is automated, no good would come out of complaining to customer service and the seller would need to wait to complete more good orders so that their level can be renewed. Fortunately, the customer service can help you out significantly in regards to buyer scams and erroneous feedback, but can not do much to stop their own automated system of levelling at any moment.                                       
Another complain which sellers always have is of issues with the payment system being too costly in terms of frees or being slow.  The site is attempting to offer additional modes of payment, but currently all users have to suffer the 14 day waiting period.                                       
Some people find it difficult to get noticed on Fiverr, especially if their gig is present in a popular category. The rate of your gigs appearing on the first page is a combination of your activity on the site; so getting collected, filling orders, and getting feedback all will help you in getting to the first page. The ‘ Featured’ Gigs are hand-picked by Fiverr staff and they unfortunately do not change much often leading the “featured| sellers to remain their day in and out . A great way through which one can get noticed is by being active on forums and by helping and chatting with other users.                                       
In a nutshell, Fiverr is a freelance site of value which allows sellers a degree of freedom in what they choose to give and what extras they want to charge more for (once they reach level one or up). Nonetheless it is an excellent stepping stone on the road to moving from a full time office job, to working on your own terms and doing what you like.