Here are 5 Cadillac prototypes that innovated in design

 Cadillac is a brand with more than a century of history that, however, has gone largely unnoticed in our continent. By strategy, this subsidiary of General Motors has focused on its local market, selling mainly in the United States and having some presence in its neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Despite this, its level of innovation has always been high, with important technological advances in the past. Although now we bring you 5 prototypes that stand out for their design and that have been presented so far this century.

Cadillac Cien (2002)

On the occasion of the centenary of the brand, in 2002 the Cadillac Cien was presented. It was an aggressive coupe designed by Simon Cox that quickly won favor with the fans. It was inspired by aviation, specifically the F-22 Raptor fighter. Its popularity was quite high, because in the consecutive years it appeared in films like “La Isla” or “Transformers: the era of extinction” and in videogames like the Gran Turismo saga. It mounted an innovative V12 engine of 7.5 liters with 750 HP and 881 Nm of torque that had disconnection of cylinders.

Cadillac Sixteen (2003)

Another one that will always be remembered was the Cadillac Sixteen, presented in 2003. In this case it was a four-door sedan that measured 5.67 meters long. Beneath its long hood was hidden a huge V16 engine of 13.6 liters (32 valves), a brutality that managed to develop a power of 1,014 hp and 1,356 Nm of torque. In addition they managed that their consumptions did not shoot too much with the disconnection of cylinders (could roll using only four of them). He also appeared in fiction making some movies but not in real life.

Cadillac Ciel (2011)

After some years with little innovation in design, they went back to the old ways in 2011 with the Cadillac Ciel. In this case they made an imposing convertible of 5.17 meters in length. It had four doors, the rear with reverse opening (suicidal type). Their lines followed with some previous tendencies and the novelty was a system of hybrid propulsion composed by a motor V6 bi-turbo of 3.6 liters and one electrical that they were united to develop 431 CV of power.

Cadillac Elmiraj (2013)

Following the line of the Ciel, in 2013 the Cadillac Elmiraj was presented, this time with a two-door coupe body of 5.21 meters long. In terms of design he repeated many of the keys of the convertible and its interior had striking technology. As for the mechanics there was not much innovation, since it mounted a V8 bi-turbo of 4.5 liters that came from the Cadillac CTS V and that had been improved to develop 500 CV of power.

Cadillac Escala (2016)

The last one on this list arrived just a couple of years ago. The Cadillac Escala repeated the concept of a large coupé in design, although it is a four-door sedan in practice. It wants to be the prototype that inspires future production models with elegant and eye-catching lines. In this case we opted for a mechanic V8 twin turbo 4.2 liter with 500 HP and disconnected cylinders that were said to reach the most extreme variants of the Cadillac CT6.