7 professional Information for Authors and Bloggers 

Writing is one of the most interesting things or a past time out of all but it can become a very irritating or depressing if you can’t perform or write to your level best. When you start a new project of writing about anything the emptiness of papers starts to haunt you if you don’t have the right thoughts. You feel yourself like handcuffed and finds yourself unable to write. But once you start to write and your thoughts starts running in your mind like a stream, then the job is almost done.
Another problem which you face while writing is the shortage of time. You need to manage your time such that you can finish up till the deadline and hence get increased productivity.  Going through the experiences of famous writers, we can find many productivity hacks for which they have applied in their own life and which seems to be very fruitful. Here we are going to discuss some of the productivity hacks which can increase productivity for authors.

1) Think before you write:

It is always suggested by the famous writers that before you starts writing you should make up a complete sketch of your whole story which you are going to write. Writing is not like that you get a pen and starts to write from one end and completes it till the last page. You need to think about the different scenarios of the plot if you are writing a story. You have to get in shoes of every character of your story. So it is often advised by the famous writers that if you are writing a new book, first you should write the name of the chapters and after doing that you can start of each chapter by writing the headings of those chapters. So if you make an outline you thoughts before writing them it will increase productivity.

2) Carry and use an idea notebook:

Most of the writers do carry a waiter’s notebook around. This is because an idea can ponder into your mind at any time. But it may be the case that you don’t have your other writing equipment with you so you just write down your idea in your notebook so that you can give it full attention when you starts to write at your fixed time. Idea may occur at any time whether you are coming back from the gym or you are driving your way to the office. But that may not be the right place to write those thoughts completely. But you just note it down so that you can give it full attention. This is one of the best method to increase productivity.

3) Use distraction free writing tools

Using the technology makes your work easier for example writing on computer provides you with many facilities like copy paste text, auto correcting many spelling mistakes but yet it is full of distraction like you starts to browse internet for many other extra and useless things which may lead you away from your project. There are different websites available which provides you a distraction free environment to write to increase productivity.

4) Write with ear plugs:

Noise can be very distracting if you are planning to write on any topic. It can take the peace of your mind and you become unable to write fluently. That is why most of the writers recommends that you should use ear plugs if you want to avoid the background noise. It will help you to focus properly and you can do a lot of writing in a short span of time. So ear plugs are most important tool you can find to increase productivity.

5) Set daily writing goals:

To increase productivity you need to push yourself to the limits. You should set a daily target of writing and no matter what happens you should achieve that target daily. But it doesn’t mean that you should write thousands of words each and every day. You can set your target to 500 to 800 words daily. But once if you have set your target you should achieve it.

6) Outsource the Non writing tasks:

If you are planning to write a book in a short span of time or you want to increase productivity during writing that book than you should keep yourself totally dedicated to the writing part of the book. For other things like designing the layouts, book cover or marketing you can hire any person from the market or you can outsource these activities so that you can work only on the writing part with total dedication.

7) Make a writing timetable:

Making a daily timetable for writing in one of the best productivity hack to increase productivity. Make you schedule such that you sleeps by day and you write at night because the night provide you a distraction free environment and you can write calmly and easily at night.