Do you want to live in Cambodia? More than 80,000 foreigners have moved to the Kingdom and life is good! has compiled a guide for those who are considering being here in sunny Cambodia
First, let's see what some emigrants, who now live in Phnom Penh, say:
Daniel Santantoniou, an insurance broker based in Geneva, Switzerland, who has lived in Cambodia for 20 months, said: "The best in Cambodian life are the cost of living, business opportunities, overall growth in all areas and close to the coast and Buddhist influence Daniel's culture lives in a one-bedroom Khmer-style cottage overlooking the Royal Palace and National Museum, and only costs $ 430 a month, including water and cleaning once a week, which according to Daniel is "good value" The ratio is, given the location and appearance. We found, however, that serviced apartments in Phnom Penh are expensive compared to Bangkok. "
Alexander Evengroen, born in the Netherlands, is an economic developer and speaker for motivational marketing. He lives and works throughout the world, including China, Singapore, Thailand, Ghana, Malawi and now Cambodia. The best thing about staying here is my beautiful wife from Cambodia. "Alex said that someone who moved to Phnom Penh must immediately be fair and go beyond tourist attractions, explore more provinces and meet fantastic people. Exceptional food, culture and more. Meet other immigrants to exchange experience and participate in events to learn from each other - but don't just stay there! See and feel the beauty of this great country. "Alex lives in a beautiful, spacious 5 bedroom villa, 5 bathrooms with all the needs and facilities you can dream of - rarely receives a power outage and is fully air-conditioned - Athv Field in Phnom Penh. "
Filipino-born Torres Carmella, daytime real estate seller, night singer, lives in Phnom Penh for 1 year and 3 months. He said, "The best thing about living in Cambodia is the quality of life that is affordable, but still high (low living costs), as well as the unique freedom to start a business and not get killed with taxes." My advice to the emigrants here Moves, "said Carmella," will shop to find the best real estate deals and always try to change prices. Don't worry too much about safety traveling to Phnom Penh, and when it comes to health care, I believe the medical center here has increased significantly and many diseases in Phnom Penh can now be treated by doctors and foreigners abroad training Cambodians. Dental care Doctors are also professional and easily accessible. However, in the worst case, you are protected by health insurance in your home country! Finally, beware of heat! "Carmella lives in a separate apartment in the BKK1 area, which in her opinion" definitely offers the best value for money: it is located in the city center, is easily accessible, and is close to everything. "
Haley Flak, a student from London, has lived in Cambodia for almost fourteen years. Haley commented, "I like the way I work and the way I live in Phnom Penh, and the hardest part of the weekend is deciding where to eat, because there are so many restaurants and concerts to visit. The choice suffering I will give is still calm and not lose my courage Smile will go far, even if you are disappointed that this will happen. "Regarding that place, Haley explained," I lived in the same apartment for almost ten years, the rent was very good, and the owner had many hands, except when we need help. " We live behind the University of Fine Arts. But one thing I want to say is that neighboring apartments and many others in our area are empty, why? Because the rent was more than double that of us, I did not understand why the landlord kept the rent high and the apartment was empty. I have friends who watch them and try to buy for the price, but they won't move.
Adolfo Perez-Gascon, a Spanish who has lived in Cambodia for two years and has worked as a journalist, believes that "the best thing about Phnom Penh is that you have access to great people and are eager to interact with a very friendly and open population. If you living in Phnom Penh, you have access to almost all Western goods and activities that you like at home, but you are still in a foreign and attractive country, a country that you will feel obliged to learn more about In this context, Phnom Penh achieves balance almost perfect. "Adolfo noted that" many people move to Phnom Penh without a plan, they really don't know what they want to do here, and of course they don't have work to do. They are attracted to that country on terms Weak visas and prospects for an easy life and my advice to anyone who plans to move to K a job is to come here with a job Look for an employer who you want to work with and don't get on this plane unless you are sure of what you are going to do. With a special action plan, you can enjoy your experience more in the Kingdom. Direct entry helps you to integrate with the community. I shared an apartment (with two other people) on the second floor of a traditional Khmer building near the Genocide Museum. Rent is very cheap (we pay $ 400 / month for the entire apartment).
Compared to my home country, this is an extraordinary agreement. Free, you will not find cheap accommodation in Spain. This apartment is nice, spacious and comfortable. We have all the facilities you would expect from a modern home, including Wi-Fi and air conditioning. "
A little story that must know the previous patch
Cambodia has a history of at least five thousand years. However, these were dark ages from 1400 to 1863. This dark age ended when France entered and formed a protectorate. Over time, this situation changed and Cambodia became a French colony. In the early 1940s, the events of World War II weakened the French colonial empire. In 1953, Cambodia established itself as an independent kingdom.
So developments in Cambodia from the 1940s to 1960s were comparable to what happened in Vietnam and Thailand at that time. Unfortunately, the war in neighboring Vietnam had a negative impact on Cambodia, so that part of Cambodia was bombed by various parties, including the United States. This helped the group become a force known as the Khmer Rouge. You may have heard of the Khmer Khmer term and know that it has a negative connotation. They came to power in Cambodia in the 1970s, killing around one third of the country's population during their relatively short terror.

All of these events have met in this country and are still being carried out. However, nowadays it is very difficult for trained professionals such as doctors, lawyers and teachers. At first they were directed at him. Even though this event is a story, they are still not permitted. This country still has difficulty healing his wounds from this event. The investigation of Khmer Rouge leaders into their atrocities began recently and is still ongoing
Extraordinary Room of the Cambodian Court (ECCC) outside Phnom Penh.
In addition, the country has developed the Tuol Sleng genocide museum and the Choeung Ek killing field in Phnom Penh. This is a tourist location where the world must be educated, as well as a form of national therapy that will help the country overcome recent events.
Historical Community and Former Pat
Contemporary Cambodia was founded in 1993. So this is a relatively young country, but has a long and rich history. The recent events described above have the following implications for the community today: 1) The loss of so many educated people has recently become the main reason why Cambodia has a rapidly growing community.
This country needs more professionals who are educated and skilled to do important tasks than can be given internally. So, if you live in Cambodia, you are welcome here to support the country's recovery process. 2) If you want to be involved and feel comfortable in your interactions, it's good to understand a little culture.
One way this brief lesson in history is that in Cambodia, because of the years when it was a French colony, there was a significant influence from France. Another reason is that Cambodia is currently in a process that did not resemble the Nuremberg trials several years ago, when European leaders were charged with war crimes during World War II. 3) This country still has many antipersonnel mines and other signs of conflict seen for decades. It is recommended to remember potential hazards in some parts of the country when traveling.
Phnom Penh for expats
As the capital and largest city in the country, Phnom Penh is a former municipality. Not only are there many jobs that are suitable for attracting expatriates, but their development is similar to that in many western countries. This allows ex-patents to find their comfort zone wherever they reshape their lives to live as local humans with personal experience, similar to their home countries.
The continued entry of foreign investment and foreign workers living here has created Western businesses and facilities as well as international school facilities tailored to the needs of former families. As in every major city, greater development leads to higher prices.

Locals can, however, offer you an exotic inexpensive experience if you want. Luxury Western-style apartments with all serviced facilities and apartments such as swimming pools, fitness centers and security can be used at a cost of $ 500 to $ 3000 per month.
Or, a more authentic excavation of Cambodia can be rented for less than $ 300 a month. If your comfort zone includes an organic luxury grocery store, you will find it at a price comparable to what you will pay at home. Or you can buy from a local external supplier (similar to the western farmers market) at a much lower price, often half. Western-style coffee costs around $ 3, while a cup of local coffee is usually less than $ 1. In fact, the first starbuck in Cambodia was recently opened at Phnom Penh International Airport.
If you only need to try the house, you will find it with typical Starbucks prices. The capital has something to do and see, including food, live music, films and other entertainment.
However, staying in Phnom Penh gives you easy access to new international airports and bus options. Regional travel will be far more daring. All of this means that former people living in Phnom Penh can live in the largest western cities, but with relatively modest incomes. The housekeeper can be rented around US $ 5 per visit, so he is available once or twice a week.
Food for two with an average price of around $ 15-20; almost as much as you will pay for fast food in many western cities. Being here means that during weekends or day trips you will always see things that many Westerners only dream of if they are very rich.
Ex-pat work scene
Most of the land in Phnom Penh lives from $ 12,000 to $ 60,000 per year. They are employed in NGOs, hotels and tourism, education, technology and business. Some of them were hired to come here. Others decided to just show up and find work. Simply showing isn't crazy as it sounds.
Cambodian visas have some of the worst regulations in the world. If you are here, you can find word of mouth work that has never been advertised online. You can also check the newspaper list while here. Some people are looking for online job advertisements. The two most popular jobs in Cambodia are Bong Thom Dot Com and HRinc.
How do I get a visa?
There is a low doorway here. Many people accept Class E visas when they look easy. Airports and cross-border points allow you to get it by filling out a lot of documents and paying a few dollars more than tourist visas. You can extend it for up to one year with around $ 300.
However, in 2014, Cambodia issued a new law requiring foreign workers to receive workbooks issued by the government. This is actually the responsibility of the employer, not the employee, and the prosecution is not yet firm.

You may be surprised to learn that the US dollar and rival Cambodia are the main currencies here. In fact, most ATMs only charge US Dollars (unless stated otherwise). With an exchange rate of $ 4,000 to $ 1, it is common for transactions to be settled mainly in dollars, with "bill of exchange" in Riel currency rather than US coins.
Popular areas of pat pat
The popular area for previous patches is Boeung Keng Kang 1, 2 or 3. (Don't worry: everyone is just cut off like BKK 1, 2 or 3.) The Russian market and the Riverside area also have lots of ex-pats. BKK 1 and 2 are more prestigious, with more facilities specifically designed for foreigners. BCC 3 and the Russian market offer an attractive blend of western and local shops.
Learn more about this popular area! Explore your new home!
The Riverside area is very popular with tourists and offers a variety of bars and nightclubs. Maybe it's less family-friendly than other parts of the city, but it's a good place if you like nightlife. Recently, Touol Cork was a quarter of about 30 minutes, which increasingly attracted the attention of his former admirers. As in other big cities, traveling to the suburbs outside the city center is a great way to find rental stations at a much cheaper cost.
Learn more about overseas rentals in Phnom Penh!
In addition to the luxury suites and local rental styles mentioned above, Phnom Penh also has French colonial architecture and Western-style houses tucked away in tree-lined streets. Former fans of individuals who choose apartments will find accommodation for less than $ 150 a month.
Those who choose to live alone can pay up to $ 500 per apartment, depending on their size, location and facilities. Spouses or families usually charge between $ 250 and $ 1,000. Should I choose long-term or short-term rent in Cambodia?
Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages. If you go through a real estate office to help you find a place, it shouldn't cost you anything, because it is usually paid by landlords. They can help you understand what is available and what is included in the lease. As in other countries, it is not unusual to sign a lease for a period of time, deposit and rent for the first month before moving.
How to find the right real estate agent in Cambodia!

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages. If you go through a real estate office to help you find a place, it shouldn't cost you anything, because it is usually paid by landlords. They can help you understand what is available and what is included in the lease. As in other countries, it is not unusual to sign a lease for a period of time, deposit and rent for the first month before moving.
How to find the right real estate agent in Cambodia!
Although some owners close utilities such as cables, water and garbage, they usually charge electricity. The typical price is around 0.25 USD / kilowatt. Read your contract before signing it. Some landlords can try to express this. Make sure you
You understand your contract before signing it!
English is common
As in many countries, many locals speak English. This makes shopping, eating, and friends easier than you expect. Many shops and restaurants can help you in English, even with local items.
Retail crime
If you look like a stranger, you might be the target of petty crime. This is normal in less developed countries, but Phnom Penh is actually safer than Vietnam and Bangkok. Crime rates have increased recently, but if you take adequate precautions, it shouldn't be much more serious than in any big city. Wearing bags is a non-significant problem in the city center, especially for Western women. This is also done by Tuk Tuks at night, which is run by motorcycle thieves. To be sure, keep your wallet always inside you.
Learn more about home and personal security in Cambodia.
The state of medicine in Cambodia
You may have heard that you have to go to Thailand if you need medical help in Cambodia. Not long ago this was public wisdom in the former church, but medical care has come a long way in recent years. More and more Phnom Penh is available for first-level doctors, both foreign doctors who come here or foreign doctors trained in Cambodia. Dental care is also comparable to in more developed countries, but the costs are much cheaper. However, some types of procedures may not be available locally.
So it's not uncommon for people to go there when they need certain things. Thailand is still popular, followed by Singapore and Malaysia. Bangkok is very popular for treating OB. Even if you are a travel carrier, you will find that medical care in the region is generally cheaper than in the US. To give you an overview of the price range: visit the local emergency hospital for stitches, and the next two meetings can cost less than $ 300.

Food accepted
Patent patents can shop at modern food stores for many of the same facilities they find in western countries, and at prices that are not materially different, although there are certainly a few exceptions. For example, apples are not local fruit here. Because it is imported, the price can be very expensive compared to the price in your home country. However, many former poets enjoy many outdoor markets in the city. Like the farmers market, they are a good place to get cheap prices for local products. Bonus: You might be able to learn some local languages ​​(Khmer). It gives you direct and direct contact with local culture. You don't have to be too brave to make that experience and collect interesting stories that you can take home one day.
Expatriates can like the local open market with surprising fresh seasonal products, but for more durable products such as meat and milk, many ex-lovers prefer to shop at western-style stores. This is a western grocery store with air conditioning and a refrigerator that is easily damaged. Not surprisingly, they are more accessible in some areas where former participants are concentrated, such as BKK 1 and 2, or on the Russian market.
Especially enjoying the eternal French influence that is clearly present in these places. Their bakery regularly uses authentic French croissants, baguettes, and other pastries. Most ex-pats can find all their favorites at home. If you are a little sad, you can eat all "normal" food and cook at home by relaxing at several local restaurants. Then soak yourself in Cambodian culture whenever you want.
Wine and alcoholic drinks
If you like good alcohol, it's amazing how easy these Cambodian items are available and affordable. Many well-known brands such as Absolut Vodka are available, usually under $ 20. Here you will find wine and craft shops. There is a bar and restaurant serving cocktails. Happy Hour often means that cocktails are available at half price. And the local beer from the shop turned out to be cheap. You can also find experiences like tasting rum every week.
In Phnom Penh, former admirers and locals traveled mostly by renting tuk-tuks and "motos" (local slang for motorbikes). This is the cart that is interested in bicycles. Passing through the city via tuk-tuk costs around $ 5. A short trip to the city is less. If you travel alone, you can ride a little with a motto. This will be cheaper, but more than an adventure. Here they are not specifically regulated, so most drivers deal with unregulated entrepreneurship. Almost everyone who owns a bicycle can be rented.
They usually do not provide helmets for their passengers. Of course, they usually don't wear helmets alone. Taxis are available, but most serve airports. If you really want a taxi, you need to call and arrange a taxi. They usually go out of town looking for passengers. Therefore, it is not realistic to assume that you can just tag them once. In 2015, local bus lines were established in the city. Not surprisingly, given the new system, limited routes and services are not yet reliable. This is something we look forward to, but you don't have to depend on it for easy transportation.
Travel outside the capital
Phnom Penh international airport is being expanded. As a result of further expansion, the capital and capital became more international flights. There are several daily flights to Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) for less than $ 100. For around $ 50 you can take Air Asia flights to the center of Kuala Lumpur and then fly to other parts of Asia.
Although local bus lines are still in the early stages, regional buses have passed some time. So he has the opportunity to become an adult. For less than $ 20, you can usually find air-conditioned buses in most countries through the large Ibis. Without more money, you can find a bus that will take you to neighboring countries like Thailand. If you want to go to a place where you are not on an established bus route, or if you want to have extra control over your schedule for a little more money, you can also rent a car and driver to take you where you want .

Magnets for foreigners

Phnom Penh has much of the charm and opportunity that our parents found in so many places around the world, but which is nearly non-existent these days. This unusually low cost cosmopolitan city offers ready access to relatively obscure, exotic regional destinations. Plus, it has economic access to major markets, such as India, China and Australia. This makes it one of the few places left in the world where educated people from more developed nations can find abundant career opportunity while living like they are on a permanent vacation.
Retiree’s Mecca’s Annual Global Retirement Index has just named Cambodia as 1 of 3 top retirement destinations worldwide. The retirement index seeks to compare and contrast retirement destinations around the world – all of which are exhibiting relatively low costs of living by global standards. Retiring in weaker economies is becoming a global trend for expats from more expensive, developed economies, as the relative costs of living in cheaper retirement destinations guarantees a better quality of life for pensioners. In the past 10 years the Kingdom of Cambodia has become one of Southeast Asia’s most up-and-coming destinations for tourists and expats looking to enjoy the exotic charm of a country that also offers the most attractive cost of living in Asia.
Cambodia has flexible visa requirements for citizens of Western countries who can obtain annual long-stay visas with a minimum of paperwork and a processing fee of just $285 per year. When you get there, everything from entertainment to renting is very affordable in Cambodia. Meanwhile, the Cambodian government looks set to make it even easier to retire in the Kingdom… Meanwhile, the government has released plans to increase Cambodia’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign retirees, according to a draft policy from the Ministry of Tourism obtained by the Cambodia Daily. “The draft includes a range of proposals to extract more income from Cambodia’s tourist industry by encouraging foreigners to buy property and stay longer in the country, with involvement from the ministries of tourism, finance and land management,” said the Cambodia Daily report.
The proposed policies are said to include measures such as the development of “special residences” throughout Cambodia with commercial tourist properties and a wide range of useful facilities. “Special tourists” such as retirees would have the right to buy, rent or sell property in these special residences, and also be entitled to longer-term and more flexible vi­sas, according to the draft of the policy.