3 steps to get a Russian Visa

 Traveling to Russia can be a pleasant experience, but you need a visa to complete your trip. Russia has various types of visas, including tourist, business, private, humanitarian and student visas. You must be careful when collecting the required documents and sending them in sequence. And don't forget to start early; The bureaucratic process sometimes takes several months


Apply for the appropriate visa

1》》Choose a tourist visa when traveling for pleasure. They are ideal for short trips or holidays in Russia. They are valid for 1 to 30 days (or up to 36 months if you are a US citizen). You can live in any part of Russia that you want. Processing usually takes up to 24 hours and costs $ 30.

2》》Apply for a business visa if you want to work in Russia. If you travel to Russia to work, this is most likely your choice. A business visa is valid for 1 day to 12 months and allows you to travel freely throughout the country.

3》》Their processing usually takes between 3 and 18 working days. They are slightly more expensive than tourist visas and are usually between $ 80 and $ 300.

4》》Choose a personal visa when visiting relatives in Russia. They are far more common than other species, but are usually used to visit relatives or close friends in Russia.

5》》Private visas are only valid for 3 months and allow you to travel freely in all countries.

6》》The price varies depending on your length of stay, but may be between $ 80 and $ 540

7》》Processing usually takes at least a month and requires a lot of documents. So start well before planning a trip.

8》》Choose a humanitarian visa when traveling through an organization. They are quite extensive, but they are considered to be traveling for cultural, political, scientific, religious, charitable or sports reasons.

9》》The duration allowed in Russia varies greatly depending on your destination, but is limited to one year.

10》》You can travel anywhere in the country.

11》》Processing fees also depend on your length of stay. However, they expect payments between 80 and 540 USD.

Processing usually takes 5 to 20 business days. Give yourself enough time before the trip.

Apply for a student visa when studying in Russia. They are intended for students traveling to Russia for educational reasons, allowing them to travel anywhere in the country with an unlimited maximum stay.

13》》You also need a number of appropriate documents from your educational institution. Student visas require at least one month to be processed and prices vary from $ 80 to $ 540 depending on the length of your stay.

The Russian Embassy also requires certification for a complete blood test, so you have to find out too

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Collection of documents needed

1》》 Fill in the visa application. This is available on the Russian Embassy website. You must fill in each space and type "N / A" in a field that does not apply to you. You must personally sign the ink request. Make sure you have the closest printer.

2》》 Take your passport. Ensure that the validity period is at least 6 months after your visa expiration date. Please note that the Russian embassy only accepts passports that have been active for at least one and a half years. If you don't already have one, submit a passport.

3》》Take a picture of yourself (35 mm x 45 mm). Make sure your head is in the center of the frame and look straight ahead. Make a picture in front of a simple background without accessories or hair that can interfere with your face. Most pharmacies, photographers or post offices can take appropriate visa photos.

3》》Get a bank transfer or check a certified bank. Your previous application will determine how much your visa costs. You can get it through a bank, post office, or other store. Do this to "Russian Consulate" to edit. They do not accept cash, credit cards or debit cards or checks.

4》》Book and confirm hotel reservations for tourist visas. The Russian Embassy requires hotel booking confirmation before your visit. Contact the hotel for this information.
Usually you only need the name of the hotel and the date of your stay

You can also request confirmation from an official tour operator. If so, look for travel agents in Russia through TripAdvisor or similar platforms to get certification.

5》》Request a written statement from your supervisor or organization when applying for a business or humanitarian visa. The Russian Embassy asks from the host organization a written statement with lots of information about your trip. This must include the full name of the organization, address, contact details, taxpayer number (if applicable) and the full name and position of the person making the statement. A complete list of items to be included is available at Here
6》》Receive written statements notarized from a relative or friend when you apply for a personal visa. This requires information about the host and applicant, such as length of stay, full name, desired residence and more. A complete list of elements to be included in the statement can be found at Here

7》》If you apply for a student visa, contact the host organization to accept the invitation. You have to reach the educational institution you are studying. You go through the Federal Migration Service to give it to you.

Your school or club may have to show it off first, so they need to know the training. Invitation or original photocopy must be enough.

8》》Get a genuine HIV test certificate when you apply for a student visa. They are only valid for up to 3 months before applying for a visa.

9》》Your primary care provider, along with many community centers, medical clinics, health centers, and hospitals, can take an HIV test.


Send your request

1》》Be prepared to provide additional information. The Consular Section of the Embassy has the right to contact the interviewer and request further information after you submit your application. Be prepared to submit the following:

2》》bank report
The employer salary report starts last year, half a year, or one month
Proof of health insurance in the country where you are traveling (you can take travel insurance if you are not insured abroad).

3》》Proof of ownership in the national country (if any)
Certificate of applicant's family member (marriage and / or birth certificate)
Send all material through the Russian Embassy. This can be done on the website at Here

4》》Review all documents to ensure their validity and meet their standards.
Look at the visa that is processed on your arrival. The duration of visa processing can vary. Once you arrive at your front door, immediately check to make sure all your information is correct. If something is wrong, contact the Russian Embassy online or at the nearest Russian consulate as soon as possible.
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