Sleep on Heat Waves - 9 tips for relaxing when it's hot

This is the hottest Easter that has existed for more than 170 years - and the heat wave doesn't cool.
Easter Monday is the hottest day, but temperatures rise above 24 ° C - the highest so far.
Although this can be fantastic for sunbathing and sunbathing during the day, it can be a nightmare when trying to sleep.
Keeping your home cool during heat waves can be a dangerous task, especially if you don't have air conditioning (which can be expensive).
So what do you do if you throw and turn on the heat and it seems like nothing works?
Experts from the Sleep School, Dr. Gbojom, working with Team's  for Beds, offers the top nine tips to help you calm down and sleep, instead of worrying about counting sheep.

1. Cool the head
Being frustrated and restless, because your heat only produces more heat and lasts longer. Keep your cold head motionless - only warmth can make your mind and body closer to sleep.

2. Frozen linen
When the temperature in the bedroom rises sharply, action is often needed. Soak your sheets and pillows in a sack and place them in the freezer to sleep.

3. Choose cotton and pajamas!
Save sheets of satin, silk or polyester on a cooler day. Cotton sheets are light and breathe and increase air circulation in your room.
And save pajamas! Temptation may be a command, but because cotton makes your skin breathe, it also allows air circulation.

4. Make your own wind
People sleep best in a cool bedroom, the ideal temperature is 17ÂșC. Open a window or buy an electric fan to add to the breeze.

5. Late at night
A warmer night causes the bed to be late, which can cause eating and drinking later before going to bed.
It's a pleasant summer pleasure but the downside is the problem of sleep.
For the best quality, it is a dream to leave at least two hours between eating and sleeping to limit alcohol to sleep.

6. Release rate
Use sheets and blankets, without blankets. They can help regulate body temperature quickly and easily.

7. Reach H2O
Drink a glass of water next to the bed when you need it. Drinking a glass full of water before going to bed can produce a lot of toilet throughout the night.

8. Cool the shower
Cold shower in front of the bed to cool quickly and easily. Avoid freezing the shower because it can be more stimulating and alert.

9 summer noise
Warm weather promotes outdoor activities with a very strong and vibrant voice! Use earplugs to suppress the sound of a relaxing sleeping environment.

Some other things you could try recommended by gbojom  readers...

Sleep in a clear room and not with your partner so as not to share body heat
Wrap the ice pack with a picnic towel and use it as a hot water bottle
Find the coolest room at home and build a warehouse instead of your usual bedroom
Cover the curtains and blinds at home during the day to maintain the temperature in your home. Be careful with metal blinds and dark curtains because they can absorb heat
Freeze the bottle with water and then place the ice bottle in front of the fan to add cooling to the air - it must last all night
Avoid burning - it will only get worse