tips for creating an Ebook

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Everyone has passions and areas of expertise. Whether it’s business coaching, fitness ,
fashion , or writing, there are people out there who value your knowledge and want to
learn more. One of the most effective ways to turn your passions into a business and
monetize your skills is by selling Ebooks.
Creating your own Ebook is surprisingly simple, and this article will walk you through the
essential steps.

8 Steps to Creating And Selling Ebooks on Your Website

Step 1: Create your Ebook
Step 2: Format your Ebook
Step 3: Proofreading
Step 4: Get a cover that sells your Ebook
Step 5: Convert your Ebook
Step 6: Add your Ebook to a website
Step 7: Promote your Ebook
Step 8: Keep track of your sales

There’s never been a better time to self-publish and sell ebooks online.
Big publishing houses are losing steam, and self-publishing is rising to the top. In fact,
more than a million books were self-published according to the latest 2019 research.
Note: While you can absolutely sell your Ebooks on a marketplace like Amazon, there are
serious upsides to selling your work directly from your own site. Selling Ebooks direct gives
you the greatest control, independence, and percentage of sales. It also helps to build your
authority and engagement with your audience and create that all-important email list of
people who want to hear more from you.

Step 1: Create your Ebook
This will likely be the most challenging and most rewarding part of your journey.
Decide on your topic
Think about what you’re passionate about and what content would help your target
audience . You also need an original edge. The best Ebooks share a personal story or
experiences. Why? A personal story is engaging, builds authority, and creates empathy
with the reader.

Tip: A great way to assess what your audience is doing
See what blog posts and social media updates
You currently receive the most comments or approvals.
Before concluding your topic, find out about existing markets. See the potential
Competitors who have sold eBooks in a similar category on Amazon or on their own website.
Think about how you can distinguish yourself from others through your unique story and perspective. I see
"You don't have to be an expert in this field to know, but you have to
Determination and patience to become one.
Remember the killer's title
When selling eBooks, the title can be a game that changes the game. Exactly.
The key to selling e-books is to write clearly. People will buy your ebook
because they want to learn how to do something. Start with the desired results (Teach
Skills or processes) and then work backwards.
Create a structure and arrange your writing afterwards. Don't forget that you don't
You must write your entire ebook in one session. Some of the most respected writers in the world
Write a little every day Set an appointment and focus on one chapter at a time.

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tips for creating an Ebook 

Overcome the writer's blockade
At some point it will happen. You will sit down to write, your brain will be empty,
and you won't know what to do next. There are two ways to explore this work

Think about who you wrote. Do you know someone? How old are you? What to do
they live? Think of your e-book as a challenge or escape for that person.
Another way to go back to writing is to set an endpoint for the number of words or the number of words
The page for your book. This will decrease and expire when you write, but you target 250-300 words
Page. EBOOK usually has around 35 pages or 11,000 words.

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Here are some of the most popular free writing productivity tools:
Google Docs Ap

Step 2: Format the Ebook
One of the main factors in selling e-books is readability. Make it easy to get the information you use
Sending, Formatting, and Using Sans Serif Fonts as
Ariel or Verdana measures 11 or 12. It's getting a little more, so don't overdo it
Format. Keep using a simple color scheme. Try to save two or three types of titles
and use very short paragraphs and lists.
Use a good picture
When we hear information, we may only remember about 10% of what we say
three days later. However, associate this information with the image and the appropriate retention rate
during the same period it jumped to 65%. (Source)
A sense of creativity? Do you like to take pictures? It's possible to take your own photos
Your DSLR smartphone or camera. If you still like me and don't trust me
You can get photography skills in the picture library. Don't forget to pay attention
license for each picture. There are also many websites that offer free images
Required attributes - check for Freeography, Unsplash, PicJumbo, or DeathToStockPhoto.
This simple guide explains how to avoid ordinary formatting errors. Formatting is
To be easy to read, you must make sure that you give up
Sell ​​eBooks online.

Step 3: Correction
Before you get another set of Ebook eyes, check spelling errors and run one
Process the circle for himself. Remember that fixing a small mistake can bother you
corrector for larger tasks, eg For example, check how well you have communicated your ideas.
Reading sound is a fantastic way to capture things you should miss. they
The brain automatically fills in the blanks, corrects errors and ignores the wrong words. too
You get a better feeling for a greater distance.

Eliminate grammar errors and improve writing with this free browser extension
So they flow in blood, sweat and tears and have a complete project. do not do it
mistake of giving it to your partner or romantic mother to edit. Find destination
Appearances that aren't too worried about your hurt feelings. Don't be offended if
They offer paragraph deletions from your book. Remember: Simplicity and clarity are what

Step 4: Take the cover that sells eBooks
Prospective buyers will appreciate your e-book on the cover. This might be cliché, but it's a fact.
Look at this example on the cover of the book that attracts attention:
A good book cover implies professionalism and gives the user an impression of the work
in the product. Look at the book envelope in the same niche for some ideas.
Here are some good eBook cover elements:
Differentiate titles from background
Set your title in a large, easy-to-read font
The visual element must be 300 dpi
Observe copyright - do not use images or design elements that are not permitted for your use
to use
Use good pictures - avoid cheap standard photos
Unless you are a graphic designer, I suggest looking for someone who can creat
Ebook Cover for you.  you try a freelance designer on Fiverr where prices start
Remember, after you start selling e-books, you can quickly restore them
If you really want to do it yourself, I recommend a tool like Free Canva
Creator of Online Book Cover or Adobe Book Spark (also free).
You might want to make a brief description of your current ebook. they
a copy of the book's description is a teaser that tempts readers to buy eBooks. Make it fantastic
The title is like writing a best-selling product description. He shares the benefits of you
So think about what an ebook should offer your readers.

Step 5: Ebook Conversion
Formatting your digital products correctly is very important for selling eBooks online. About Amazon
Kindle, file format is MOBI. For other readers, the universal ebook format is ePub.
This was received by Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore and Kobo. EPUB is also good
option to sell it directly from your own store. If it's convenient for your readers, you can
You also sell eBooks in PDF format. If you sell in your own business, you can
You can easily choose between the three formats.

Step 6: Add an e-book to the website
Now is the time to create a website and add your eBooks.
Ebook with pictures
Add a description, set the price, then add the product to the new one

Quick settings with advanced features
Immediate and automatic delivery
Secure download link for downloads
Upload ePub, MOBI and PDF files
Order buttons, gadgets, and the possibility of building an online store
Handle payment with credit card and PayPal safely without making changes to your website
Easy and fast access for your customers without having to leave your site
Print PDF to customize each copy with the buyer's name
Download the Kindle or Dropbox options for customers
Customers receive automatic order confirmation with the ebook link
Integration with AWeber and MailChimp makes it easy to create an email client list

Step 7: Register for an e-book
It's time to tell the world about your new ebook. Be prepared to devote serious time to you
Marketing before and after the start of the e-book. Build enthusiasm in your audience
and use it to manage sales.
Many authors believe that traditionally published writers have an ease in this matter
Marketing, but that's not the problem. Another benefit of publishing yourself is what you have
Full control over how you sell and sell eBooks.
One way to do this is to write ten to twenty guest posts for websites that are read in your niche. they
You can find this reader by looking at popular keywords for your niche. You can also see it
See other writers in your Google niche and see which blogs are the most popular for them. this
not for the purpose of creating SEO links, but for generating interest. It is not necessary directly
Mention the e-book, but the topic of publication must refer to the topic of your book.
The goal is to attract someone's interest so he lands on your website and then looks up
buy your book.
Consider distributing copies of bloggers in your niche and asking them to share them
with their network, if they like. Don't bomb anyone with a review request or
Share without meeting you before.
Try to broadcast live to make noise around your work. Use visual content channels
like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, to draw your attention to your audience, and of course
Remember your email list as an invaluable resource.

Step 8: Keep an eye on your sales

In short
Creating an ebook is very important, but it is also a very valuable method
Explore your passions and share your experiences, not to mention increasing your passivity

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