Popular countries where Nigerians can travel without Visa

list of countries where Nigerians can travel without a visa.

Which Country can Nigerian Citizens travel without a Visa

as we all known Nobody enjoys the discomfort and stress that is prevalent in Nigeria

Get a visa. 

That's why we put together 

a list of countries where Nigerians can travel without a visa

Remember that most of these countries need work permits / visas if this is the case In addition, visa policies can change, and it is very important to stay
updated with your consulate.

below here are some

 countries where Nigerians can travel without Visa


Barbados (offers visa free for 6 months)
barbados is an island country  found in the Caribbean region of Northern America. with her
Doors  open for up to six months, even without a visa,  Barbados is among
the most foremost tourist destinations in the world as it has all the waters you want, as
well as many vacation destinations.

Dominica (offers visa free for 21 days)
Dominica is a very popular mountainous Caribbean island that welcomes those seeking
great adventure no matter the time of the year for 21 days. One of the things that work
for the country is that it has a lot of beautiful places you can visit.

Haiti (offers visa free for 3 months)
This is another island in the Caribbean that may be more popular than many others. It has
friendly people and everything one will need for a great vacation. What the Island gives
is 3 months even when you don’t have a visa.


Ghana (visa free)
Guinea (visa free)
Guinea Bissau (visa free for 90 days)
Kenya (issued visa on arrival for 90 days)
Liberia (visa free)
Madagascar (issued visa on arrival for 90 days)
Mali (visa free)
Mauritania (visa on arrival)
Mauritius (visa free for 90 days)
Mozambique (visa free for 30 days)
Niger republic (visa free)
Senegal (visa free)
Seychelles (visitor’s permit on arrival for 1 month)
Sierra Leone (visa free)
Somalia (issued visa on arrival)
Tanzania (issued visa on arrival)
Togo (visa free)
Uganda (issued visa on arrival)

Benin republic (visa free)
Sharing a border with Nigeria, Benin Republic is a country you do not need a visa to visit
because it is part of the Economic Community of West African States. Inasmuch as many
Nigerians travel there for business, there are many good tourist sites including Pendjari
National Park which is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
Burkina Faso (visa free)
Referred to as the land of honest men, as it is translated, Burkina Faso is located in the
West African sub-region. It is very popular for its very dominating culture and great
musical performances as well as arts and cultural performances. This country lets you in
freely from Nigeria once you have a return ticket.
Burundi (issued visa on arrival for 30 days)
At the African Great Lakes region of East Africa is this country. Although it is among the
poorest on the continent, it is not without its beauty and great places including the Lake
Tanganyika in Bujumbura and Rusizi National Park.On arrival, you will need to secure a
visa, but you can still get to stay for 30 days without one.
Cape Verde (issued visa on arrival)
This is an island country that is found on the West African coast. It is one of the most
welcoming tourist destinations on the continent as it has both great weather and beautiful
Cameroon (visa-free)
What makes Cameroon different from most other countries in Africa is that it blends
together almost every part of Africa in one. The languages spoken here are English and
French, and it has both Christians and Muslims. Interestingly enough, Nigerians do not
need to have visas to visit.
Chad (visa free)
If Central Africa is where you plan to visit, Chad may as well be on your list. Not only  Visa free, the country is very popular for its wide array of wildlife. You get to stay in
this country for up to 3 months.
Comoros Island (issued visa on arrival)
Another Island country, this also has great weather and interesting beaches for a nice
vacation or even honeymoon.
Cote d’Ivoire (offers visa free)
Among the countries Nigerians can travel to without a visa is this country that is also
located in West Africa. With many lakes and lagoons, this country has many beautiful
places including hills and mountains.
Djibouti (issued visa on arrival)
In East Africa, one of the best places to visit from Nigeria is Djibouti. You may require a
visa on arrival, but the country still has very interesting places to visit such as the Lake
Assal which is the lowest point on land in Africa. In the world, it is only the third after
the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.


Bangladesh (visa on arrival)
Iran (visa on arrival)
Maldives (visa on arrival for 30 days)
Timor-Leste (visa on arrival for 30 days)


Fiji (visafree for 4 months)
Micronesia (visa free for 30 days)
Nauru (visa on arrival)
Vanuatu (visa free for 30 days)
Palau (visa on arrival for 90 days)
Samoa (entry permit on arrival for 60 days)
Tuvalu (visa on arrival for 30 days)

gbojom say It is important to understand that before you travel abroad,
one  still need to confirm with the respective embassy. This is because while it may be among the 

countries Nigerians can travel to without a visa, 

those countries still reserve the rights
to change the laws of entering into their territories at any time.
More so, the purpose of going to any country may affect whether you can come in without
a visa or not. For example, if you are going for tourism purpose, it may be different from
if you are going on a business trip or something else.