How To Make Out


          Table of Contents

1    How To Make Out Step By Step

 2    To Make Out For The First Time

3      How To Make Out With A Girl

4      How To Make Out With A Guy

5       Making Out Tips

Many teens are confused by what exactly the term “making out” refers to and how to make out. Is it simply a different term for kissing or does it imply going further than just kissing?

Making out does not mean or imply intercourse! So, if your boyfriend wants to make out or your girlfriend agrees to make out with you do not assume that he or she is asking for or agreeing to have intercourse with you!

How To Make Out Step By Step

Step 1. Take it nice and slow.

Making out requires time. It’s not simply a quick peck on the cheek or lips! Make sure you have enough time to enjoy it and that you’re not in a rush.

Step 2. Find a private place.

Making out in public is not cool. You really don’t want your friends or strangers to stare at you. If it does not make you uncomfortable it may make your partner or the other people around you uncomfortable.

Step 3. Establish a connection.

Show your partner you’re into him or her. Make regular eye contact and smile often.

Step 4. Break the touch barrier.

Make a point of casually touching your partner’s hands, arms or shoulder a couple of times before making out. You can make this seem natural while talking to emphasize a point. Holding hands is also a great way to start a make out session as it’s easier to make out with someone that you have already had some physical contact with.

Step 5. Start by kissing your partner.

Making out involves a lot of kissing. But, you don’t have to jump into French kissing him or her straight away! Take it one step at a time…

Make eye contact with your partner and slowly lean forward while tilting your head slightly to avoid you bumping noses. Close your eyes just before your lips touch. Start by kissing his or her upper or lower lip for a couple of seconds and then pull away slowly. If it feels right lean forward and kiss him or her again.

Step 6. Deepening the kiss.

Use the tip of your tongue to gently rub against your partner’s lips, teasing them in the process. Don’t lick his or her lips! Just wait for him or her to respond by slowly opening his or her lips and slowly tease the inside of your partner’s lips with your tongue.

Wait for him or her to reciprocate with his or her tongue and then use your tongue to caress the tongue of your partner. This should be done slowly and gently. It’s not tongue wrestling!

Step 7. Use your hands.

While making out use your hands to touch your partners face, perhaps stroking his or her cheek or running your fingers through his or her hair. Both guys are girls love to be touched in this to for exercise to loose arm fat at home

Step 8. Don’t restrict yourself to open-mouth kissing only.

Kiss his or her face all over. Most girls love it when a guy kisses their neck and guys enjoy it when a girl nibbles on their ears. Don’t bite though! Biting is sore and a big turn off for most people.

Step 9. Experiment and change positions.

There is no set of fixed rules on how to make out. Be creative, come up with new ideas and don’t fall into a set and predictable routine that can become boring very fast.

Experiment on making out while standing, sitting next to each other or lying in each other’s arms. Try different places like the movies, the swimming pool, your car or a park bench. It does not always have to be on the same old couch in your house!

Step 10. Talk to your partner.

Now that the ice is broken don’t be afraid to ask your partner if there is anything he or she likes you to do. Girls will often say things like “I enjoy it when you kiss my neck” or a guy may reply “just carry on doing what you’re doing.”

How To Make Out For The First Time

The steps mentioned above are relevant whether you are making out for the first time or whether you already have some experience in making out. However, if you do not have any experience here are some additional tips on how to make out for the first time:

First and foremost, make sure your partner is ready and in the mood to make out. It can be quite embarrassing if you’re about to kiss your partner and he or she looks away or say “what are you doing?”

Secondly, establish clear boundaries! Decide in advance how far you are prepared to go.

Thirdly, try your best to relax. It’s normal that you may feel a bit nervous or anxious about making out if it’s your first time. Just remember that making out is a fun activity. It’s not like you’re going to the dentist, so relax!

Fourthly, as mentioned above, find a private place to make out. However, your bedroom may be a little too private and may create the impression that you want to do more than just make out. A semiprivate place like the movies may be a good place on condition it’s not the opening weekend of a new blockbuster you’re watching!

Fifthly, don’t worry about whether you are any good at making out. You don’t have to be perfect. As you get to know your partner better you will be more aware of his or her likes and dislikes and will automatically take it into consideration. Your first make out session does not have to be perfect. Use it to get to know your partner better.

How To Make Out With A Girl

The steps mentioned above apply to both guys and girls but here are some specific tips for guys on how to make out with a girl:

1. A girl likes to be treated like a lady by a gentleman. Treat her with respect. Ask her if she is comfortable so she knows you’re not only thinking about yourself.

2. Most girls will expect a guy to make the first move or to initiate the kissing. Girls like guys that are confident so don’t sit around waiting for her to make a move on you!

3. Most girls are romantic at heart. Consider using some scented candles to set a nice romantic mood or dim the lights. She will more than likely appreciate it!

4. Be gentle! Girls are soft and delicate compared to you and it’s easy to hurt them without even realizing it. Squeezing her arm playfully may leave bruises that will take days to fade.

5. Do not grope her! Most girls do not appreciate being groped!

How To Make Out With A Guy

The steps mentioned above apply to both guys and girls but here are some specific tips for girls on how to make out with a guy:

1. Establish clear boundaries on how far you are prepared to go and make sure your boyfriend is aware of it. Many guys will do their best to see just how far they can go if they don’t know your boundaries. Don’t hesitate to say “No!”

2. Don’t be afraid to tell your boyfriend what you like or dislike. This does not mean giving him instructions. For example, let’s assume your boyfriend is kissing your ear… If you’re enjoying it say something like “that’s nice” of moan softly to indicate that you’re enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy him kissing your ear you can say something like “no, that tickles” or turn your head away and he will get the message.

3. Don’t wear too much makeup or sticky lipstick that easily rubs off. It’s normal that you want to look good but most guys prefer not to have makeup and lipstick all over their face after making here to loose your arm fat at home in 7 days

4. Normally a guy will initiate the kissing or making out session. But, if you feel like kissing him just do it! There is no rule that you have to wait for him to make the first move!

For additional tips and advice see how to kiss a guy and how to kiss a boy for the first time.

Making Out Tips

Here are some additional tips, do’s and don’ts that will help you to have a more enjoyable making out session:

1. Communicate. When your partner does something that you like and enjoy let him or her know by making soft moaning noises in response. Don’t moan all the time though as it can get annoying.

2. Fresh breath. Kissing someone that has bad breath is gross, period. Make sure your breath smells fresh and chew some mint flavoured gum or mints before kissing. Avoid eating food like garlic!

3. Don’t lick your lips excessively! It looks bad!

4. Don’t wipe your mouth after kissing as it can create the impression that you are somehow disgusted at open-mouth kissing.

5. Focus on the moment only and give your partner your full attention. There are few things that break the mood as much as answering your phone during a make out session or staring at something or someone else.

6. Music can set the mood. Some background music can be very relaxing and prevent awkward silences. If it’s your music just make sure your partner enjoys it as well.

7. Use lip balm. Dry or chapped lips are not fun to kiss!

8. Don’t bite! Some people enjoy giving or receiving a hickey. But, they are in the minority. A hickey can take days to fade away and can be quite embarrassing to explain to your friends or family if it’s in a visible place like your neck.

9. Don’t thank your partner! It’s very childish and immature to thank your partner for making out with you as if he or she has done you a huge favour. You can say that you enjoyed it or that it was nice if want to comment.

10. Take care of yourself. You don’t have to look and dress like a model. It doesn’t matter if you have a zit on your face. But, always take care of your personal hygiene! Nobody likes to be touched with dirty hands or by someone that smells funny.

One final comment, a good kisser focuses on giving and not on receiving. Use your make out session to show your partner just how much you care about him or her. Try to please him or her instead of expecting him or her to please you. Give and you will receive.

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