Birthday Horoscope for August 8th

By: Cajetan China Callistus

                                                                     If your Birthday is August 8 and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

Birthday Persona Profile 

People born specifically on the 8th of August are presumed to be highly practical, persistent and commonsensical with an abundance of the usual Lion leadership skills. The astrological planet that rules over this particular day is Saturn making you focused, precise with a great imagination and a craving for diversity. If you have this birthday your realistic and responsible approach grants you a strong sense of purpose, lots of self discipline and a preference to take charge. Undaunted by obstacles you are usually creative, adaptable and open to advice despite tending to make independent fixed decisions. Trustworthy and generous you are very ambitious, hard working, full of determination and especially good at dispelling your energies positively. Individuals with an August the seventh birthday are quite reliable but may have a bit of difficulty expressing their feelings and can also be occasionally hypocritical, stubborn and opinionated too.

Work and Finances 

Career routes are often easily chosen to a person born on the eighth of August due to your high levels of ambition and disciplined attitude. Your responsibility, intellect and adaptability guide you to be particularly skilled at motivating others so managerial positions could be popular options. You are determined to succeed in your chosen job and are usually prepared to work hard for the chance of promotion. When it comes to monetary matters it is rare for you to make mistakes or get into serious debt. You are ordinarily excellent at saving and likely to be lucky with financial investments.

Personal Relationships 
For a Leo, the person born on the eighth day of August is typically warmhearted with a need for regular affection and approval from a lover. Incredibly close friendship is important to you in a relationship and you tend to prefer a partner who is open and not afraid to disclose their deepest feelings. Naturally romantic, sincere and devoted you have traditional views on love and romance and will usually be a strong believer in marriage. Considerate and dependable in general you are still proud like most Leo's but your ego is often much more fragile than the majority of your zodiac counterparts. You require a soul mate on the same page intellectually who can cope with your occasional bossy or demanding behavior. A perfect partner must also share your red hot passion and lusty sex drive and be sexy, imaginative and adventurous between the sheets.

Healthiness experienced by those born on August 8th is usually maintained by your sensible approach to looking after body and mind. This common sense attitude directs you to ensure that your diet is normally adequate and nutritious but you may be a little lazy concerning the right amount of exercise. If you let this shortfall in your efforts to stay healthy continue it could have an adverse effect on your health. People born on this day should ideally include some form of exercise within their daily routine in order to maintain shape and suppleness as well as expelling excess stress.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are observable in your versatile, multi-talented and rational manner and courses of action. These fortes of purposeful practicality, preciseness and your enterprising creativity give you everything you need to do anything you really wish to do in life. A keenness to save and try to channel your energy in positive ways are additional favorable traits. The personality weaknesses for those born on August 8th stem from your negative tendency to every now and then be a bit of a hypocrite. A temporary obstinate stance and intransigent views are common weak characteristics.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 8th of August gives you a proneness to want to lead others and this helps with giving you the motivation to be successful in life. You appear to tackle any goals you set yourself in step by step methods. Your expert planning and skill at overcoming setbacks makes it unlikely to consider shortcuts or the option of easier challenges. Dreams are often full of fantasy and vision as a result of your love of variety and mystery beside your heightened ability to imagine creatively. Any special wishes you have will probably feature in some of the scenes and themes of your dreaming.

Birthday Luck and Significance 

As you were born on the eighth day of the month your birth date favors you with a Root number of Eight. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Leader' indicating your likelihood to not follow others by express your independence instead. In Tarot the 8th card in the Major Arcana deck illustrating Courage is associated with your birthday. This highlights the strength of your spirit, precision and persistence. The luckiest precious gem for August the eighth birthdays is believed to be a Black Pearl, wearing one should attract good fortune and assist you to repel negativity.


The principal influence astrologically on the
probabilities of Leo personalities is imagined to be our Sun. The actual day you were born on, the eighth of August, is governed by the celestial body Saturn's authority. Therefore the influences of these 2 planets help determine your probable basic temperament qualities. Your admirable conscientious efficiency and responsible realism help you keep your feet firmly on the ground and concentrate your intentions on worthwhile endeavors. Your purposeful honesty, dependability and generosity make you an overall pleasant, reliable and kind person to know. You should consider remembering to think before you speak if you hope to avoid being overly hypocritical or uncompromising. A final advisory thought for people born on August the 8th is to aim to remain adaptable and flexible for the opportunity to increase your wisdom and understanding letting you follow the most fortunate directions.