Kaduna Nzeogwu
Speech by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu Announcement of First Coup on January 15, 1966

Kaduna Nzeogwu
Below is a speech by Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, which announced on January 15, 1966, the first military coup in Nigeria.

"On behalf of the Supreme Council of Revolution of the Nigerian Armed Forces, I declare the military situation in the northern provinces of Nigeria, end the constitution and dissolve the regional government and electoral assembly, all political, cultural, tribal and unity activities, and all demonstrations and illegitimate services besides religious worship prohibited until further notice.

The aim of the Revolutionary Council is to create a strong, united and prosperous state free from corruption and internal struggle. Our method for achieving this is truly military, but we have no doubt that every Nigerian will give us maximum support by supporting the regime and not disturbing peace while small changes occur. I must convince all foreigners who live and work in this part of Nigeria that their rights are still respected. All contractual obligations made with foreign countries are respected, and we hope that these countries respect the territorial integrity of our country and avoid the transfer of land with enemies of the revolution and enemies of the people.

Dear compatriots, you will hear and see many things assigned by certain Supreme Council organs with the obligation of national integration, highest justice, mutual security, and property recovery. As a temporary measure, all permanent secretaries, business presidents and high-level heads of government can make decisions while new authorities function as long as they do not conflict with the objectives and desires of the Supreme Council. No parliamentary minister or secretary has any administration or other form of control over any ministry, even if they are deemed not too dangerous to be arrested.

This is no time for a long speech. Let me introduce ten proclamations in extraordinary orders on that day which were proclaimed by the Supreme Council. They change when the situation improves.

You are warned that robbery, arson, homosexuality, rape, embezzlement, bribery or corruption, barriers to revolution, sabotage, subversive acts, false accusations and cooperation from foreign invaders can all be punished by the death penalty. Unofficial demonstrations and meetings, lack of cooperation with revolutionary forces were sentenced to death. Rejection or neglect of ordinary duties or tasks that may be ordered by the local military commander to support change will be punished by the conviction of the local military commander. Espionage, dangerous and dangerous publications and movements or actions of troops will be punished with reasonable conviction, which is deemed appropriate by the local military commander. Suspicions of slogans, odyssey and abusive behavior were corrected by imprisonment or more severe penalties deemed appropriate by the local military commander. Suspicious loyalty can be punished by imprisonment or severe punishment. Owning illegal goods or carrying firearms, smuggling or trying to escape with documents, valuables, including money or other assets vital to conducting business, will be punished by the death penalty. Flying or sitting on a fence and the inability to express open loyalty to the revolution were considered hostility punished by a verdict deemed appropriate by the local military commander. Reducing agendas or notifications or other agreed communications will be put to death.

This is the end of the extraordinary agenda that you will soon witness in public. My dear colleagues, no citizen needs to be feared as long as the citizens obey the law and if these citizens obey the local laws of the country and those who have entered into their hearts and consciences since October 1, 1960 in a religious manner.

Our enemies are political speculators, criminals, men in high and low places who seek bribes and want 10 percent. those who want to make the country permanently isolated, at least to remain ministers or celebrities, tribes, Neopagans, those who make the country look great in international circles, damage our society and get a return from the political calendar in Nigeria for words and their actions. "