Cambodia, a small country bordering Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, is popularized by the abundance of ancient temples and plankton-dotted calm coastlines. This beautiful country has a lot to offer to the more than 1 million annual visitors. Since Angelina Jolie starred as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider film franchise, swinging through the temple ruins in Cambodia, people have been flocking to the country to get a glimpse of its natural and historic beauty. You don’t have to go through ancient ruins to enjoy Cambodia, but instead do these 6 things to make the most out of your travel.

1. Watch the Sunrise at Angkor Wat

One of the most recommended things for tourists to do in Cambodia is checking out the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Many people will attest to the true beauty of the sun beaming its morning rays over the ancient city. If getting up in before the sunrise seems like a hassle, keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to wake up at around 3:00 AM in order to get a good view since the temple complex is usually brimming with foreigners and locals all year long.

2. Eat Fried Tarantulas

A big part of traveling to foreign countries is trying out their local dishes. One of Cambodia’s most unique, and perhaps terrifying, dishes is fried tarantula. This street food is a favorite among locals and a must-try item on many travelers’ bucket lists. First-time tarantula-eaters have testified that the legs taste similar to fried prawns, but there have been mixed reviews of the body. You should try it when visiting Cambodia or at least witness someone else giving it a go.

3. Visit a Choeung Ek

Cambodia has one of the darkest histories known to mankind. While Khmer Rouge reigned over the country between 1975 and 1979, nearly 3 million Cambodians – roughly 25% of the country’s entire population – were wiped off the planet through execution, disease, or starvation. Today, the Cambodian government preserves the sites in which the bodies of the dead are buried as a monument to both the dead and survivors of this dark time in history. Choeung Ek is the largest killing field in Cambodia, and hundreds of thousands of visitors – foreign and local, alike – come to the site to learn about the past and pay their respects to the dead.

4. Witness a Glowing Beach

During the wee hours on the island of Koh Rong, you can witness the world famous plankton popping up through the waters and illuminating the coastal waters with a bright blue glow. When it’s dark enough, the glow of millions of plankton can even light up the water one meter below the surface. For the brave of heart, throw on snorkeling gear and witness the plankton up close and personal in their natural habitat.

5. Enjoy a Pint or 10 Near Pub Street

Pub Street is a large night market filled with souvenir shops, stalls upon stalls of street food, and all the bars, restaurants, and pubs you could ever hope for. If you’re looking to unwind, visit a massage parlor to release the tensions on your legs and shoulders. When dropping by a local bar, there are several Cambodian-made drinks that you have to try, such as Angkor Premium and Cambodia Lager.

6. Walk through Angkor Archeological Park
Apart from catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat, you can tour through the temple complex to see the remnants of Cambodia’s cultural history. The temples at Angkor Wat represent the struggles and hardships that Cambodians went through to get to where they are today. You can choose between a one-day or a three-day tour through the complex, but it’s easy to spend the entirety of the tour admiring the statues and architecture of a single temple.