We all know that AdSense is the most trusted and best paying ad network ready to pay you millions of dollars/pounds provided you are doing the right thing.
But the truth of the matter is getting a Google AdSense account approved is not an easy task. With this latest technique of 2018, you can easily get approved with Google AdSense within 24hrs or less.
Writing Unique and quality posts will not only help you to get your account approved but there are some missing things which one does and needs correction. By the time correction is been made, you’ll have your AdSense account fully approved by Google.
Before we dive deeply into the latest AdSense approval techniques of 2018, we’ll try to cover these questions in the subsequent paragraph, “Why should AdSense allows you to monetize your site? Is your website qualified for Google AdSense?”
Well, placing Ads in your Blogs and Websites will help you in earning a healthy amount of cash. Just attract more visitors to your website or YouTube video and earn a healthy amount of cash. But nowadays Google policies seems to be strict unlike before.
Bloggers are trying very hard for Google AdSense approval but most of them failed and left blogging due to depression. But that shouldn’t be the case, patience is the key, that is why research is very vital and I’ve finally come to know ways which one can get his or her AdSense account approved on or before 24hrs expires.
I am going to divide it into two because YouTube users are also allowed to display Google AdSense in their videos likewise Website owners.

For YouTube Users

With this method, we can easily get approved Google AdSense Account with YouTube. Follow the mentioned techniques below as it is for getting Google AdSense Account approved.
• Go To YouTube, and register your account with a new Gmail account. Remember don’t use any Gmail account which is used before and the details of the new Gmail should be totally different.
• Under your YouTube Channel setting button, Click on Features and enable monetization and must read Privacy and Policy of Google AdSense, Otherwise, you are going to waste your another chance.
• It’s time to upload some quality video. Have you not upload any video? Let’s upload 3 to 5 videos ( at least 15min long video). Please do not upload a stolen video which is not yours. You can try and record at least any video of your choice and then upload. Try screen recorders. They are easy ways to record stuffs with your device.
• If you have uploaded some quality videos which can be very interesting to the viewer, then your account is going to be approved in a day. You will receive the email from Google AdSense that your account has been approved.
Remember don’t just upload and sit back waiting for viewers to come. Take the initiative and share the uploaded video link in all social media if possible or even spending a little by running a Ads for it in order to reach so many people.
For YouTubers, try those above step and am sure you’ll see maximum outcome.

For Blogs/Websites Users

Here are things to follow:

• Your blog or websites must have all necessary pages that makes up a website or blog. Those pages includes:
About Us
Contact Us
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

• Don’t use copyright pictures. Try to create your own or get it from Canva, Pixabay and other free image creators.
• Write at least 25 unique articles with minimum 500 words. You can rewrite someone else articles but try to make it unique and not to copy paste. Try Not to write on.
• These types of contents needs to be avoided:

Adult Material/ PornoGraphy/ 18+
Copy/ Pasting/ Pirated Content
Cracked or Hacked Content
Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia

• Increase your page speed. Make it mobile and PC friendly. Google loves fast loading websites. Quick loading is also a factor in ranking a website.
• Work on your SEO a little bit and then pull in enough traffic to your blogs.
Now it’s the time to apply for Google AdSense. They are gonna approve your sites after applying all these above 2018 AdSense approval techniques.
Still, Have questions don’t hesitate. Rise a question I will answer. Simply use the comment section or the messenger icon.