A few days ago one of our readers from United Sate wanted to cheat for his country for free. Today I want to introduce you how you can search for free in every country.

Free searches in every country

Before continuing, you should know that depending on your service provider, you need to conduct your open configuration survey.

How to Search for Free in a Country (Part 1)
To search for free in any country, you must follow these instructions at any time.
Visit https://www.tcpvpn.com/ and select a server near your location. Europe.
Now choose your country or country in your area, z. Netherlands
Select the server, then click CREATE USER NAME AND PASSWORD.
Enter your data. Username and password.
After you do this, your server will automatically be created and you will receive the following information for you.
Username: tcpvpn.com-mytest1
Password: 123456
IP: 146,185,155,204
Host: nl.tcpvpn.com
Now visit this proxy server connection.
Look for the proxy server that was previously used. (During my settings, my proxy is the same as ip
Also check the open port. (We will use 80 or 8080 as a port.
Free search in any country (second part)
Install the HTTP injector from the Google Play Store here.
Run the application after installation.
In the upper right corner there are 3 horizontal lines. Click to open the menu and click on "SSH SETTINGS".
Here you will use the same information used in the first step.
(In my case)

Host SSH: (or nl.tcpvpn.com if the server doesn't have an IP address, depending on the SSH server provider)
SSH Port: 22
Username: tcpvpn.com-mytest1
Password: 123456
Return to the main page, click the menu again and go to "PAYLOAD GENERATOR".
You must do some Google reviews based on your network operator and country, as I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial.
In my case (like Nigeria as a case study) I will quote below:

URL / HOST: m.facebook.com
Click GENERATE PAYLOAD (at the bottom of the software page).
Now that the loading field has been generated, look for the "REMOTE PROXY" line below this line.
Clicks and small pop-up windows with 2 fields must be displayed. Put it down;
Port: 80
Click SAVE, click START on the main page and check if there is a connection.
Now you can surf free in every country until Jesus Christ comes.

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