Covid-19 is the current most talk about in the net and all over the world and recently the Nigerian government has short down it seaports, airports and also declare national emergency and force it's citizens to restrict from gathering either in the church,mosque, marriage ceremony's, burial ceremony's and so on

Most countries around the world are blocking to varying degrees, and with the increasing incidence of the COVID_19 pandemic in Nigeria and the world  is expected to be blocked immediately. Do not panic. Below is a list of things you can do now.

Beware :

Take care of yourself:

As a first step, don't neglect your physical and mental health. Let's think Make a joke jump in your living room. Practicing yoga. Whatever works for you, do anything to protect your body and mind.

Contact your family and friends to check. Do not visit! Just ring the bell. This is the best emotional support we can currently give to one another. If you love me, stay away from me; for now!

Be kind to the people you love: Living together brings our own challenges, also with the people we love, especially when we have to be with them all the time. Channel your disappointment into something harmless, like hitting a pillow, tiring yourself with a pushup, or putting a tea towel between your teeth and screaming as loud as possible. Whatever you do, don't hit anyone.

Learn something new:

Are there any old hobbies that you can do again? One of the top rooms in your home is that you no longer have to spend time traveling back and forth to work. What if you take the time to something you like or at least get rid of stress? You can contact your credit bank for loan

Bank from Home. 

if you're in Nigeria. Dont worry. Bank like FirstBank covers all your banking needs. Although their physical branches may be closed, but you can do all of your banking with their Firstmonie representative near you. Open an account and  pay bills, transfer money, withdraw money, and more.

Stay up to date using trusted sources of information:

Since COVID-19 began to spread quickly in China, it has been a major global news story and with this level of media and public interest it’s inevitable that myths, misinformation and rumours will be shared online. Be careful and vigilant