Cannabis sativa popularly known as weed , marijuana , ganja , pot , igbó and so on  is a wanderful green Herb it is known for its effect on the brain . This plant can be effective good when properly use but can also be harmful if abused..

Sorry before I continue you should no this........ Gbojom blog online is no way promoting the uses or smoking of weed or any other substances that is against the  National drug law enforcement. This information is based on years of research work conducted by me.

Marijuana is strictly barred from most of the world governments but few cities or State like Colorado legalized the uses and in some African state like Nigeria were majority of the youths and even adults smoke weed and possibly the police had been clamping down on the street and arresting mostly the youths for smoking or possession of weed. However the government can't stop it's citizens from smoking weed
You can even seen from our pop cultures like music almost all the artist is a cannabis smoker even in government too but I know they are very wise so they do it on 'Kum Kum way' .
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So below the followings are 

    how you can smoke safely for your healthy living

(1) Food:

 this is very very important when it comes to smoking weed food is a key factor so make sure you have Money to Eat food or if you don't have money make sure you have available food to eat because after smoking weed you will be high and feeling hungry so please if you don't have money or 100% sure food to Eat please and please don't smoke weed or you will have your self to blame

(2) Water:

 maybe you don't know this but smoking weed will keep you dehydrated so
Drink water it is the best among the rest always have with you enough water as you smoke you sipping if possible consume 20litters of water daily it purify your body system and keep you fit and healthy

(3) Tooth Brush:

This one here is tooth brush do you think is funny if you know you are a smoker please always brush your teeth twise  a day like morning and night before going to bed or else  sorry for your teeth

(4) Coke Drink :

After smoking weed you can dilute with A bottle or plastic Coca-Cola/Pepsi's Drink this will calm your nerves .

Please safe some life by sharing this information to your love ones