Some people know exactly what is expected of their home business and consider this idea as a guiding principle in finding entrepreneurs. However, the rest might need help understanding what could be our dream business. This list is for all of us.

These business ideas for personal users differ greatly in the skills needed, initial costs and time required. This list aims to make the wheels spin in your brain so you can explore your new home business.

Direct sales / network marketing

Whatever you call it, multilevel marketing and direct sales like Avon, MaryKay, Tupperware etc. Is a very popular home-based business where you can measure the time needed - just sideways or continuously. full time.

Craft business

It takes more than an art line to start a business that sells handicrafts. First, you have to be really great at what you do, and then you have to find ways to get it online or in person. If you think this is for you, explore this resource.

Editorial service

This can take many forms, from your own blog to editing freelance publishers to writing your own book. If you have the skills and experience, freelance writing can be a good home business. If you don't have this experience, you can get it, but it will take time before you start making real money.

Develop a mobile application

Although technology majors (or experience in application development) are certainly important for mobile application development, there is more to it than just a technical aspect. To develop a profitable business plan, an idea must be made, a platform chosen, marketed, price set and called on the App Store. If you don't have all of these skills, you have to work with a partner.

Start a consulting company

Using your own bus as a consultant in your area of ​​experience is one of the most common ways to start a private company. You can often start with customers who work with you in different environments. However, networking and marketing are needed to win new customers.

Cleanup offer

Starting a cleaning service does not require a degree or special training, but requires a lot of elbow oil and knowledge of how to start a successful business. There are many types of cleaning services that can be offered: house cleaning, laundry, window cleaning, commercial / business cleaning, pool cleaning and more.

Real estate agent

Selling real estate is not a fast business. You have to buy a license first and maybe work for an established company first, but it can be profitable and allow flexibility in your time.

Business stadium house

For someone with decoration talent and / or real estate knowledge, building a home for the market can be a business that you started while working for your purpose as an interior designer or real estate agent.

Property owner / manager

Owning a property that you rent is not a passive business that only shows rental checks every month. There is a lot of work for him to find tenants, maintain property, find suitable properties to rent, etc. If you have money to invest in property, you can turn it into a home business. However, for some people, the work is more than they want, and these people often employ a property manager. Either the owner or the property manager is a profitable home business.

Drive your car

The level of investment required to enter this business has changed dramatically in recent years. You no longer have to invest in a taxi license and may cost to get money as a driver, even though you still can. Nowadays people use their mobile phones and private cars to become chauffeured drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft in their free time.

Flea Market Seller

If you have a talent for sales and prefer to buy and sell stuff in person, then hawking your wares a flea market or in a stall at a consignment or antique shop might be a good choice. Your flea market sales business could be instead of selling online or in addition to.

Interior Decorator

To start your own home business as an interior decorator, you will likely need a degree in a related field and/or experience as a designer in order to get clients. One easier route is to go into home decor sales via a direct sales company. But if your desire is to become a decorator, start by gaining the credentials you need.

Data Entry/Short Tasks

Crowdsourcing sites now allow anyone to use their phone or computer to pick up micro jobs. These pay micro amounts but can be done quickly and in your spare time so the profits can add up to something that makes it worth your while. However, these will never pay enough to make a living. They are a good way to build your nest egg so you can launch your real home business.

Start a Virtual Call Center

Offering your services as a home-based call center agent can actually either be a home business or a telecommuting job. Companies who use work-at-home call center agents either hire them as employees or as independent contractors. If you are working as a contractor, be sure that you are taking all the costs into account versus your income.


Use your typing skills to earn money from home as a transcriptionist. Generally, you'll need experience in transcription (if you're just starting out see #19) and having a specialty such as medical transcription is helpful. Few companies hire home-based transcriptionists as employees but prefer to use contractors, so you may have to get a few clients to really start making some money.


If you are bilingual you can use your language skills in many ways to build a home business: translation, interpretation, voice talent, bilingual call center.

Open a Franchise

Becoming a franchisee is a way to possibly reduce your risk when opening a home business. Many of the decisions that a new business owner has to make are already made, and a plan and policies are laid out. But there can be significant costs, and you'll have decided what kind of franchise you want. Also, most franchises are not home-based; however there are some low-cost home-based franchise businesses.

Travel Agent

Travel agents can work from home as call center agents for companies like American Express (though that is usually an employment situation, not a business), or they can start a home-based independent travel agency. Either way, it takes experience in the travel industry.

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and can wrangle a bunch of them at once, this could be the business for you. Dog walkers usually need a car and insurance.

Dog Trainer

A dog training business will take more experience and education than dog walking, but if you have that way with canines, your dog walking business can lead you to a dog training one.

Mobile/Home Pet Grooming

Again, grooming will take skill and experience, but the beauty of a mobile pet grooming business is that you don't have to invest in the infrastructure of a storefront. And many customers


may prefer you come to their home. If you want to do it in your own home, be sure you know all the laws in your community about home businesses.

Pet Sitting/House Sitter

Probably most people who hire house sitters have a pet on the premises that will need care, but there are some who may just want to keep up the appearance that someone his home. House-sitting jobs may be live-in or not.

Personal Trainer

To build a personal training business, you'll need certification and experience...and, of course, clients. The first two will help you get those clients. A specialty and marketing can help you along the way.

Exercise Class Instructor

This could be as a freelance instructor, likely specializing in yoga, pilates, Zumba, tai chi, etc., that teaches classes for various organizations. You could also start your own franchise (see #24) with a company like Jazzercise or you could open a studio if you want to go beyond the "home business".   

Build a Better Mousetrap

Take the idea that you have for an invention, patent it and then build a business around it. It's not so impossible.

Home Baking

If your baked goods are always the talk of the party, consider selling them. Though the rules vary from state to state, you'll need a "cottage food license" to make it a home-based business. Cute cupcakes are very popular, but anything homemade has potential, e.g. cookies, bread, jams, cakes.


Catering is the kind of business one can start from home, but you have to start small, catering intimate affairs and home parties using your own kitchen as well as your client's kitchen for much of the work. Like home baking, you will also need to get the approval of your local authorities.

Give Lessons

What are you an expert at? Knitting, piano, tennis, violin? If you have a skill others might want to learn, consider giving private lessons to either children or adults.

Social Media Consultant

Social media is constantly changing, and many small (and large) businesses just don't have the time or inclination to keep up with those changes. This creates a niche that is growing and expanding for those with the skills to exploit it.

Graphic Design

It takes more than graphic design skills and/or training to start a desktop publishing business. You'll need a business plan and a portfolio of work to show potential clients.

Sell Stock Art

This can be a way to further monetize your photography or graphic design business or a business all its own. If your work is good, people will buy it. There are numerous online sites where you can upload your work and buyers can download it paying you a fee.


If you have experience as a teacher, you can start your own in-home tutoring business or work as an online tutor. The former will take some networking to develop a client base, the latter does not. Combining the two is a way to make a little extra cash as you develop that base.

Work in Child Care

A home-based childcare business can be anything from babysitting to opening an in-home daycare.


 With the advent of digital cameras, making money at photography became a lot cheaper than in the old days of film. That said, there are so many people that are trying it, often driving down rates that it can be a tough business. That's why it's important to make a plan, and probably to specialize in something like photographing weddings, pets, children, homes, etc.

Do Odd Jobs

It's easier than ever to build a business doing odd jobs or running errands because there are now many short task sites that will hook up sellers of services with buyers online. Probably it's a good idea to network and sell your services in your own community as well, but these online sites can give you a jump start.

eBay Seller

If you have a good eye for value and a good sense of commerce, selling items on eBay could be the home business for you. But there are so many questions to answer before starting an eBay business. (What to sell? Where to get your inventory? Should you open an eBay store? How to price your items? How to write your listings?)

Bed and Breakfast

There's still the traditional B&B business option of purchasing an inn or home and opening it up. However, today you can easily start booking guests into your home with services like Airbnb though it is important to know the potential pitfalls.